Sailor Moon Official Shop in Tokyo

When I was a child, I loved Sailor Moon a lot, and I thought that someday I would accidentally get a compact, transform myself into a pretty guardian, hold a cute scepter, and play an active role as one of the pretty sailor guardians.

Surely, not only in Japan, but all over the world, girls who had such a dream are now adults.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the “Sailor Moon Official Shop” that will remind you of your childhood.


Finding the shop in Harajuku

Sailor Moon is a popular anime and manga, so people might think that Sailor Moon merchandise is sold in many places in Japan, but there are almost no places that sell it.

The only place where you can buy Sailor Moon merchandise is in Tokyo and it’s the only Sailor Moon shop in all of Japan.

The location is at Laforet Harajuku in Tokyo, which is a 5 to 8 minute walk from Harajuku or Omotesando station . See the map below.

This is the only permanent Sailor Moon shop in Japan, and you can get Sailor Moon goods, clothes, and accessories here.

At the entrance, there are special display of goods for the guardian whose birthday is this month. The displays change every season, so it’s always fun to visit.

Exclusive goods

My husband got a scepter for me and I bought stickers 🙂 There are many variety of goods.

The Sailor Moon Shop also has an online shop, but there are many original products that can only be purchased at the physical store.

Also, Sailor Moon has a “Sailor Moon Fan Club“. The club requires an annual membership fee (about $52), but you can purchase goods exclusive to fan club members, and receive greeting cards and newsletters.

However, if you are an overseas member, there may be restrictions on the items you can purchase, so I think the best thing to do is visit the Sailor Moon Shop!

Map to the Sailor Moon Shop

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