Goldfish Art Aquarium in Ginza, Tokyo

Have you decided where to go on your Tokyo trip yet? There are various sightseeing places and date spots in Tokyo, and the Art Aquarium is a very popular spot with a good atmosphere. This time, I will introduce the Art Aquarium in Ginza Mitsukoshi, along with the time required and discount tickets.


What is the Art Aquarium?

In Japan, there was a goldfish boom in the late Edo period, and the culture of admiring goldfish spread among the common people. The Art Aquarium is an aquarium where you can enjoy art that fuses goldfish with culture that symbolizes Japan, such as ukiyo-e and kimono. The inside of the museum is a little dark, and the light-up of the decorations and the aquarium are very beautiful, so both couples and families can enjoy it.

How to enjoy the Art Aquarium

  • Take photos with Illuminated aquariums and arts (there are many photo spots.)
  • Appreciate the many kinds of goldfish (You can find goldfish that you have never seen before.)
  • Enjoy the fusion of aquariums with traditional beauty such as Edo Kiriko glass and lanterns

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also sections where the exhibition changes with the season, and it is a facility with many repeat customers.

Time required

About 1 hour and 30 minutes.
If you want to take a lot of pictures or look at souvenirs, it is safe to spend about 2 hours.

Discount tickets

The entrance fee is 2,300 yen for adults. If you only visit Art Aquarium, there is no special discount, but there are combo tickets for Art Aquarium and Tokyo subway, or the Klook pass where you can pick 2 activities starting from 5,000 yen. For example, how about planning a visit to the Art Aquarium and TeamLab Planets or Yomiuri Land? With this package, you can choose from 31 activities and transportations. But be careful with your selection, some activities cost less than 5,000 yen total! By purchasing the tickets for the two facilities together like this, you can get a discount of 1,000 yen or more compared to purchasing the tickets separately. In addition, this ticket is valid for 30 days from the Klook purchase day, so it is OK to visit on another day.

Art Aquarium

Visit just Art Aquarium!

Pick more than 2 activities!
Up to 48% discount!

You can purchase tickets for the number of activities you want to try from 31 choices such as TeamLab Planets, Yomiuri Land, Tokyo Joypolis, etc. Save up to 48% compared to buying each ticket separately. Please visit Klook for more details. In addition, when you purchase on the app for the first time, you can get 5% discount by entering the coupon code “BetterOnApp”.


Directly connected to Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.

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