Ibusuki hakusuikan dinner, enjoying local fish and pork

I visited Ibusuki Hakusuikan in Kagoshima prefecture to experience the black sand bath.

Ibusuki Hakusuikan

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This time, I will introduce the dinner at Ibusuki Hakusuikan.
The hotel has excellent sand baths and large hot springs, but the food is also ranked 2nd in the 250 popular hot spring hotels ranking. Knowing that the dinner would be very satisfying, we were looking forward to enjoying it.

We chose the Japanese course, but there are Italian and Western options as well.
I wanted to try Kagoshima’s specialty, shochu which is alcohol made of sweet potatoes, so I ordered a comparison set. This set has 3 different types, so I could try each and fine my favorite.

Now, let me introduce some of the dinner courses.

First of all, the plates and small dishes were beautiful. There were seasonal leaves (maple leaves at this time) decorations, and a colorful iridescent film was laid under the dishes, making everything look even more beautiful and delicious. All dishes have a gentle taste.

The fresh fish were my favorites, sea urchin and tuna, along with kibinago caught in the sea near Kagoshima.
This fish is rare in Tokyo, so it is one of the real pleasures of traveling.

Similarly, Kagoshima has its own special type of pork. Kagoshima Berkshire is famous for its high quality pork, which is soft, delicious and refreshing.

A pot for one person was served with sliced ​​pork and vegetables. This style was a staple of the hotel and was very delicious.

I drank shochu at dinner, so after I got a bit tipsy, I enjoyed the hot spring again.

Ibusuki Hakusuikan

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