THE THOUSAND KYOTO, a hotel close to Kyoto Station for sightseeing and a luxurious stay

I stayed at the hotel “THE THOUSAND KYOTO” right next to Kyoto Station. This is a new hotel which opened in 2019. Today, I will share my experience of this hotel.
This hotel is located on the east side of the Kyoto Station building. It’s only a 2-minute walk from the station and this hotel is an excellent base for sightseeing and a luxurious stay.

THE THOUSAND KYOTO is recommended for the people who…

  • want to stay close to Kyoto Station
  • want to have a luxurious experience
  • want to try breakfast with locally sourced ingredients
The thousand Kyoto

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“THE THOUSAND KYOTO” 2 min from Kyoto station

When you come out of Kyoto Station and look to your right, you will be able to see The Thousand Kyoto.

As soon as you step inside, the first thing you will notice is the scent of cypress and peppermint.

A river of light flows down the grand staircase, and there are silky sheets swaying gently.

From the entrance, you can’t help but expect a special experience to begin.

Guest room “superior room”

We stayed in a superior twin room. The rooms are new and modernly decorated.
Although this room is a standard room, it is 37 square meters and is quite spacious.

The bed is large enough to comfortably roll around in. There are Samue pajamas available which are very comfortable. Samue is one type of clothes worn in zen temples.

The bath and toilet are separate, and the bathtub is large enough to relax.
In particular, the shampoo, conditioner, and body soap smelled so good that I wanted to have the same ones at home.
Also, there is bar soap in the sink, but there is no skin care lotion. The Thousand Kyoto is conscious of sustainability and does not have unnecessary amenities.

However, if you forgot your lotion like me, you can order it from the iPad in your room. (The lotion set was free.)

Within 10 minutes after ordering, the bell in the room rang, and when I opened the door, there was a robot!

The fact that robots are also working is a service unique to a cutting-edge hotel.
Cosmetics and additional towels are free, but toothbrushes require additional cost, so it is recommended that you bring your own.

Next, I would like to introduce the minibar in the guest room.
First of all, there were four bottles of water. There were also Arita teapots and teacups which you can use to make green tea.
By the way, this Arita teapot and cup are original designs of the hotel. The design is simple and stylish, the rounded shape is also cute. This series are also sold at the hotel, so it looks like a good souvenir.

There was an espresso machine in the room, but I didn’t use it because there was a coffee service next to the restaurant in the morning.

In addition, there are paid drinks, wine, alcohol, snacks, etc. in the drawers and refrigerators.

Japanese/western style breakfast

For breakfast, there are two restaurants, and you can choose Japanese or western breakfast. I stayed for three nights and enjoyed one western meal and two Japanese meals.

For western breakfast, you can choose the main dish from the menu, and the rest is buffet style.
The buffet was fun to choose, everything was delicious and there was a wide variety of fruit.

My recommendation is Japanese breakfast.

Japanese style is a set meal that starts with a small bowl of dashi soup.

First, a mouthful of dashi soup wakes up your stomach, and then the meal begins. For rice, you can enjoy Miyama, a Kyoto brand rice. Omelette eggs are from Uji, Kyoto and are very delicious. Each small bowl was delicately seasoned. The grilled fish was also very tasty.

For rice, you can choose steamed rice or porridge.

On the second day of Japanese style breakfast, I was served different small bowls and fish, and it was nice to be able to enjoy a variety of tastes.
In addition, many guests from overseas seem to choose western style breakfast, so the western breakfast restaurant is busy, but there was no waiting time for Japanese breakfast.

The breakfast was very fulfilling and I was able to have a very satisfying hotel stay.
If you plan to stay, we recommend that you choose a plan that includes breakfast.

Staying at The Thousand Kyoto made me realize again how good a luxurious hotel stay is. The location is good, right next to Kyoto Station, making it a base for sightseeing. Spacious and sophisticated rooms, a breakfast that will make your stomach happy from the morning, and the hospitality of the hotel staff, everything made for a special stay.

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The thousand Kyoto

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