Six recommended areas to stay in Tokyo

In Tokyo, I recommend staying near the sightseeing spots you want to visit or in an area that suits your purpose of stay. There are not many areas in Tokyo that are dangerous to stay in, but in some places you might feel uncomfortable.
In this post, I will introduce the atmosphere and characteristics of six areas in Tokyo that I recommend.


Asakusa, well-known tourist spots

Asakusa is home to tourist spots that represent Tokyo, such as Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree. During the day, there are many shops and it’s lively, and at night it’s beautifully lit up. Although Tokyo is full of modern buildings, Asakusa is an area where you can feel a traditional atmosphere. I also recommend taking one of the many available rickshaw rides.
Tokyo Solamachi, where Skytree is located, is a large shopping mall, so you can enjoy a variety of shopping. My favorite Kirby Cafe is also there 🙂
It’s convenient because you can take one train from Haneda Airport or one train transfer from Narita Airport.

Asakusa is recommended for people who…

  • Want to feel the atmosphere of downtown Edo Tokyo.
  • Want to stay in a central area for Tokyo sightseeing.

Recommended Hotels

The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by Hulic

The Gate Hotel is a 2-minute walk from Asakusa Station and right next to the Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple. The perfect location for sightseeing in Asakusa.

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Asakusa View Hotel

Asakusa View Hotel is located a 10-minute walk from Asakusa Station and has a clear view of Tokyo SkyTree. It is easy to walk to Sensoji Temple in about 5 minutes.

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Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Richmond Hotel is a hotel where you can have a simple yet comfortable stay. A 30-second walk from the hotel takes you to Hoppy Street, which is full of Japanese style bars, giving it a retro downtown atmosphere.

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Shinjuku, night life

Shinjuku is the busiest train station in Japan and is a bustling area with offices and shopping buildings. Although the area is full of tall buildings, you can also enjoy the lush green parks of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.
In addition, at night, the area is crowded with bars and restaurants such as Omoide Yokocho and Shinjuku Golden Gai, where you can enjoy the old style lively atmosphere.
The Romance Car departs from Shinjuku Station for Hakone, making it a convenient area for accessing nearby hot spring areas from Tokyo.

On the other hand, Kabukicho on the east side of Shinjuku Station is an area where there are many troubles caused by drunk people and unsavory establishments, so I recommend avoiding it late at night.

Shinjuku is recommended for people who…

  • Want to enjoy a lively night life with small bar streets.

Recommended Hotels

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo has beautiful views from every room. The New York Grill & Bar on the 52nd floor is a coveted place to visit on your special day!

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Bellustar Tokyo is a new hotel opened in 2023. The hotel is located in the Kabukicho area, which has many bars, so you can enjoy the nightlife.

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Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel is a Japanese modern style hotel, located a 5 minute walk from the west exit of Shinjuku Station. Located in a quiet area of Shinjuku.

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Shibuya/Harajuku, cutting edge culture

Shibuya is a shopping district with many young people. First, let’s cross the Shibuya crossing in front of the station. Shibuya is home to a Nintendo shop and a Pokemon shop, making it a fun place for game lovers. There is also Mega Don Quijote where you can buy souvenirs and snacks.
In Harajuku, which is just one station from Shibuya, I recommend strolling down Takeshita Street, which is popular with young people. There are many shops where you can enjoy fun-looking, cutting-edge trends such as rainbow-colored cotton candy.
If you want to feel a bit of history, go to Meiji Shrine, which is right next to Harajuku Station. It is a Shinto shrine which was built in 1920 and boasts the largest number of worshipers in Japan.

During New Year’s countdown, Halloween, and Japan’s national soccer team matches, there are many people drinking and making noise on the streets around Shibuya Crossing, and the police will be in attendance, so I recommend that you stay away from the area during those times.

Shibuya/Harajuku is recommended for people who…

  • Like video games or anime.
  • Want to feel the latest youth trends.

Recommended Hotels

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

Cerulean Tower is located 5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station. Guest rooms are on the 19th floor and above with views of Tokyo. There is also a restaurant, jazz bar, and Noh theater, so you can enjoy a higher-grade stay.

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Sequence Miyashita Park is easily accessible, seven minutes walk from JR Shibuya Station and eight minutes walk from Harajuku Station. It is located in Miyashita Park, which combines a shopping mall, park, and hotel.

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Hotel INDIGO is located 5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station. It features captivating music, art and unique design. I recommend the rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy the view.

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Ginza/Tokyo station, shopping district

The Ginza area used to be lined with high-end brand stores, but now there are large-scale Uniqlo stores (where you can buy items at half the price of overseas stores!), Hello Kitty stores, discount stores, and more that you can easily visit.
Although the number of affordable shops has increased, there are many high-end restaurants and hotels in Ginza, so you can enjoy a higher-grade stay.
I also recommend a one-hour bus tour that takes you through the Ginza area and introduces you to the city’s highlights. It’s also close to Tokyo Station, so it’s convenient for taking the Shinkansen to Osaka or Kyoto. Also, my recommended Goldfish Art Aquarium is at the center of Ginza.

Ginza is recommended for people who…

  • Want to enjoy shopping
  • Want to enjoy a higher-grade stay at a high-class restaurant or hotel

Recommended hotel

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel opened in 1890 as a state guest house. Although it is located in the center of Tokyo, it is surrounded by greenery near the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park.

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Hoshinoya Tokyo

Hoshinoya Tokyo is located 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Station. It has a hot spring spa, which is rare in Tokyo, and is full of Japanese hospitality.

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Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier is a tower hotel in the Ginza area, so you can enjoy a view of Tokyo Tower. There is a direct bus from Narita Airport to the hotel, making it easy to access.

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Roppongi, Luxurious stay

This area has many Michelin star restaurants and luxury hotels. If you want a luxurious stay in Tokyo, I think Roppongi is the most suitable area.
The view from hotels and restaurants in high-rise buildings makes it a great place to visit on special days, as you can feel the dynamic night view of Tokyo.
Roppongi is also an area with a rich nightlife, but Roppongi has a different atmosphere from the aforementioned Shinjuku. While Shinjuku has areas with small, traditional bars and restaurants (Golden Gai and Omoide Yokocho), Roppongi has more nightclubs and modern bars.
Also, you can easily get to Asakusa from Roppongi.

Roppongi is recommended for people who…

  • Want to enjoy a luxurious stay at a 5-star restaurant or hotel
  • Want to travel as a couple

Recommended Hotels

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton is located in Tokyo Midtown, directly connected to Roppongi Station. The lobby on the 45th floor offers a panoramic view of Tokyo. Enjoy a luxurious stay with a variety of amenities and services.

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Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo is located in Roppongi Hills. Enjoy a luxurious space with 10 different restaurants, a jazz lounge, a spa, and a gym.

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Ueno, affordable area

Ueno Onshi Park, adjacent to the station, is home to a five-storied pagoda, temples, art museums, a zoo, and more. You can also enjoy eating while walking around Ameyoko which is a shopping street with an old-fashioned atmosphere. The cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring, making it the perfect place for cherry blossom viewing.
The Ueno area has many reasonably priced inns/guesthouses and restaurants, so it is also a recommended area if you want to keep your staying costs down.
It is convenient because you can go from Narita Airport by Keisei Skyliner without changing trains.

Ueno is recommended for people who…

  • Want to keep their staying costs reasonable.
  • Want to visit art galleries and museums.

Recommended Hotels

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno Tokyo

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno was renewed in 2023. Located 2 minutes from Ueno Station, and it has good access to museums and Ueno Onshi Park. Also, they have cute panda-themed rooms.

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Dormy Inn Ueno Okachimachi

Dormy Inn is a reasonably priced hotel, but it has a large public bath with hot springs.

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